Distribution Solutions

Add a new source of ancillary revenue to your business with tour and activity margins of 10-20%

  • Online Travel Agencies

  • Traditional Travel Agents

  • Global Distribution Systems

  • Airlines

  • Hotels

  • Car Hire

Multilingual API

Receive dynamic pricing, availability, content, e-tickets and/or e-vouchers, and product updates. Create real-time bookings and receive instant confirmation directly on your website or app

White Label

Low-integration and fully customisable solution. Hyperlink from your website or app, and we take care of the rest. No hosting, server, or tech involvement required from your end

B2B Agents Marketplace

Targeted towards traditional travel agencies. Sign up today to get access to industry rates, instant confirmation, and e-ticketing. Sell directly to your customers over-the-counter or face-to-face

Find the right tool for your business needs

Multilingual API
  • Get full integration for both desktop and mobile applications
  • Let customers browse and complete transactions on your own platform
  • Receive updates on product content, pricing, e-ticketing, and availability dynamically
  • Set your desired retail rates based on the markups recommended for benchmarking
  • Use your own payment gateways and filter products according to specific criteria
White Label
  • Have a BeMyGuest-hosted webpage with your own branding and customisable design
  • Add your own products on top of our already extensive selection of tours and activities
  • Provide a stand-alone solution for browsing, booking, and e-ticketing
  • Choose to have payments processed by BeMyGuest or be the merchant of record
  • Available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Thai, Korean, and Japanese
B2B Agents Marketplace
  • Book attractions, activities, and tours at special agent rates
  • Access a fully online booking platform with instant confirmation and e-ticketing
  • Search by categories or keywords to find the right products for your clients
  • Utilise the wallet facility for lower payment processing cost
  • Available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bahasa, Thai, Korean, and Japanese