The industry benchmark preferred by online travel agents, designed solely for Asia's attractions, tours and activities. Also is simple and easy to integrate. Just need to follow simple steps below.


  1. Map data from API by writing code manually or using our SDK.
    1. Become familiar with BMG data structure, key-values pairs are explained at Apiary.
    2. Map locations, categories and other dictionaries from endpoint /config
    3. Map /products
    4. Map /product-types - items to be actually sold (SKU).
    5. Integrate booking options - dynamic fields on product types.
    6. Map pricing matrix from /product-types/{uuid}/pricing.
  2. Cache data on your server and refresh it according to recommendations
  3. Register webhooks,  BMG will call these endpoints when important events occurs.
  4. Book on Demo server.
    1. Before booking selected product type check price and availability at /product-types/{uuid}/price-lists/DD-MM-YYYY
    2. After creating a booking and collecting payment on your end, confirm the booking at /bookings/{uuid}/confirm
  5. Download vouchers.
    1. You'll get webhook call 'vouchers_ready', also need to check status on your own /bookings/{uuid}
    2. Do not share vouchers URLs provided by API. You need to be authorized to download.
  6. Work with errors and their messeges.
    1. While working with API you need to be able flawlessly work with errors described here
  7. Pass the BMG integration and UA tests to make sure you can work with all possible products settings.
    1. Test is a list of task, mostly making bookings on selected products with different setup (timeslots, booking options, guests limits).
  8. Go live production & sell!

Simplified API workflow

Main endpoints