Singapore, Bali and Thailand top Indian female-only travel surge

Cy Yambao on 19 November 2018

Female-only travel is an emerging trend among Indian outbound travellers, with Singapore, Bali, and Thailand as the top preferred destinations by women. This influential and demanding segment sees a year-on-year growth of around eight to 10 percent. 

Industry experts attribute the rise of women-only trips to the segment’s growing economical independence and the strong influence of social media. With safety remaining a primary concern, the latter has become an increasingly significant tool for women to share their travel stories online, and consequently empower fellow women to also explore new destinations.

Attraction, tour and activity operators are responding with customised packages targeted at female travellers, whose group size ranges from solo up to groups of 15 to 20. The most common reasons to travel include special occasions/celebrations, shopping, experiencing a culinary adventure, spa treatment sampling, and extended weekend travel plans.

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Cy Yambao
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