About BeMyGuest API 2.0

What's new in api 2.0

Version 2 of the API represents a significant effort to improve the capabilities of the API, supports more complex products and booking options, incorporate customer feedback, improve performance and adopt the latest standards.

More detailed and fine-grained data
Speed improvement on average up to 10 times faster than comparing to API 1.2 on different endpoints. New API has a completely new engine build with performance as the highest priority. All the endpoints data formats were restructured and rebuild to serve better-optimized chunks of data. From Partner's perspective, this should speed up the process of cache refreshing, overall communication speed improvements and stability of connectivity with BMG servers. We introduced new endpoints that provide developers much better control over fragmented data. Each endpoint is focused on specific, fine-grained context. For example, main product contents are separate from pricing model.

Support for booking options and more complex products
Many new products available with instant confirmation, much less work for CS Products' data model has been extended with new features and data points. Some of them include for example new bookings options which allow both parties (BMG and Partner) to fetch and sell more complex and flexible products. Thanks to this solution Partner's Customer Service team will save more time on gathering non-standard information from end-customers, more products can be sold and delivered completely automatically.

Many new products
Hundreds of new and migrated products available only in 2.0 New API will be able to handle a whole range of products which require more flexibility in data structures. These products in the future will only be available in API v2.0. It allows both parties to provide more instant-confirmation products as well.

Bulk Buys support - bookings, and delivery
1000+ vouchers in one bulk booking request New endpoints will allow Partners to create bulk bookings requests on selected products and check the status of request fulfillment.

More meaningful errors and Test bookings
Significantly shortens implementation times, testing of partner's live environment is much easier. We usually have very positive feedback from developers on our API's documentation details level. New API has a lot of improvements on all the responses being sent back to developers working on it during integration and after putting it to live environment. The pre-live testing process has also been introduced and polished. With much more detailed documentation we believe that this API version can be implemented even faster than previous one by Partner's dev team. Attachments area

Better API client support with HATEOAS
Shortens implementation times for partners if they use HATEOAS standards. Hypertext As The Engine Of Application State - With HATEOAS, a client interacts with a network application that application servers provide dynamically entirely through hypermedia. A REST client needs no prior knowledge about how to interact with an application or server beyond a basic understanding of hypermedia. It provides easier integration for software platforms that support this standard, more flexible expansion of current API data formats in the future and easier scaling of the same API version in the future.