Welcome to Asia’s fine dining scene

Welcome to Asia’s fine dining scene

As the crisp and light freshness of the Chinese green tea slips down my throat, I marvel at just how far the variety of Asian cuisine has come in recent years.

With flavours dependent on locally grown produce and herbs and spices, one of the absolute delights in visiting Asia is tasting its variety of local food and signature dishes.

Local and international chefs have now taken Asian dining to new heights, with an artistic delivery of dishes found in small, local cafes and restaurants, polished off with a talented fine dining hand, in some of the most stunning and exotic locations you’re likely to ever see. And the results are rather magnificent.


Wining and dining in Hua Hin, Thailand

A Thai vineyard is possibly not the first thing you’d expect to come across in Hua Hin, but tropical viticulture is becoming a more popular science in many Asian countries.

Visit the Monsoon Valley vineyard, known as new latitude wines, sitting in a beautiful mountain range on 560 acres of superb countryside and take a wine-tasting tour. Complement the amazing scenery with a wine pairing dining opportunity for a truly unique Thai foodie experience.


Commune Restaurant, Yanqing (Great Wall of China)

It’s hard to call a more authentic Chinese experience than fine dining at the foot of the Great Wall of China. Around 75km from Beijing in Yanqing, you’ll ride the cable car to The Commune, a stunning example of contemporary architectural design beside the ancient masterpiece of the Badaling Great Wall.

After soaking up the atmosphere on a private tour, sit down to a sumptuous fine dining experience of a selection of Chinese and Western fusion dishes, along with classic Peking Roast Duck, Spicy Sichuan and Cantonese food.


Romantic Bali beach dinner

There’s little else more romantic to top off a visit to Bali than a private starlight dinner on the sand with a seven course seafood inspired menu, specially created by the chef.  Served to you by a personal butler in your private, bamboo beach structure with flowing white curtains gently swaying in the sea breeze, you’ll dine by surrounding candle light which are scattered through the sand on beautiful Jimbaran Beach.

Your exclusive dining experience will be topped off by local Balinese musicians as they softly serenade you throughout your very special evening. 


Fine Kobe beef, Kyoto

Japanese Kobe beef is one of the most incredible signature dishes you’re likely to taste. Overlooking the canal and Gion’s Hanami Koji Street, enter an authentic Kyoto-style townhouse and enjoy the fine delicacies of Amuse-bouche, and a sumptuous Kobe beef steak, while the chef entertains you in true, traditional Kyoto style.


Anita Duffin for BeMyGuest


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