Top 5 Snorkelling Destinations in Southeast Asia

Finding Nemo and Dory? You've come to the right place if your heart is in the ocean and swimming with the fishes and gazing at the corals. Southeast Asia has been known for its thousands of islands and beaches, those luscious and clear blue water. And of course, abundant marine life. So grab your gear and let's swim with the sea creatures to the top 5 snorkelling destinations in Southeast Asia.

1. Malaysia

Truly a vibrant place in Asia, you'll find that most of your activities will involve water as you go on an island hop and snorkelling in Kota Kinabalu or in Langkawi. They also have coral nursery that's perfect for kids and adults can enjoy swimming with the stingrays. You'll never go wrong with their beaches, friendly locals and aquatic creatures.

2. Indonesia

If snorkelling is your game, you'll find more areas to uncover in Nusa Penida Island, Tulamben, Wangi Wangi, Tomia, Wakatobi, or Pantori Island. One of the newest coral reef species will be found in this country, and it's no fairytale. They called it the 'fairy basslets' and the male ones have a bright and lively pastel color that you won't miss out. You might want to have your waterproof camera handy, just in case you find this 'water fairy' fish.

3. Thailand

This country is known for the Hollywood film, The Beach, so it's no surprise that you'll enjoy more island hopping and snorkelling in Phi Phi Island, KohTalu, Tachai, Similan Islands, and other neighboring islands in Krabi. Coral reefs in Thailand are generally in good shape and has over 4,000 species living underwater. You might be able to see some rare fishes like the surgeon fish or some friendly types like the rabbit fish.

4. Vietnam

Popular for their extreme water sports and activities, it's no surprise that they are abundant with unique coral reefs like the red coral cluster which is said to have valuable marine life such as pearls, red swamp crawfish and multi-colored shoals. Go on an underwater adventure in Hon Tam, Hon Mieu, Quang Nam, and other beautiful virgin beaches.

5. Philippines

There are so many underwater tours and activities you'll enjoy when hopping around thousands of islands and beaches in the Philippines like snorkelling in Caramoan, Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Camiguin, and more. You'll even get to swim with their gentle giants - the whalesharks!