The Kitesurfing Experience

This extreme water sport will definitely give you all the thrills when you're hitting the waves. Kitesurfing is performed atop a body of water that combines bodysurfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding. Be prepared to be propelled up in the air while pulling a power kite and having your board as your leverage for the waves. So read up on all you need to know about the kitesurfing experience.

  • For the newbies out there, you can actually practice with a trainer kite so that you can cut down the hours of your instructor teaching you how to fly one. Practicing and learning how to fly your training kite is 80% of your kitesurfing. This will help you develop on your kite flying skills and your instincts on the water.
  • Know the weather conditions. Unlike the usual surfing, kitesurfing is a bit unpredictable once it takes you temporarily up in the air, you should learn how to go down and ride the waves again. And also, on the opposite side, if the wind dies, you'd have to swim back to shore and find the wind all over again. You will learn this during on your introduction to kitesurfing , and of course, during your training.
  • Get the equipment that works for you. First off - find a stable and sturdy kite. The one that can withstand even the gusty wind. It also depends on the wind strength for getting the right size and line. You'd also have to get the board that's compatible with the size of your kite.

  • The moves and techniques are similar to skateboarding when it comes to flying and jumping. The only difference is that your moves will all be dependent on the strength and direction of the wind and speed  of the waves.
  • Always have a kitesurfer buddy around and check the shores for lifeguards and other people. Remember, wind can be unpredictable. A safety precaution, just in case.

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