“Fancy” a Trip?: The Five Most Luxurious Experiences in Asia

Whether it's a romantic or a family getaway, we all want to experience what it's like to be royalty even for just a few days. After all, it's your break from the stressful tasks. This list will give you five activities in Asia that will make your dreams of luxury come to life. It's about time that you feel the VIP life!


  1. Sumptuous Dining in Indonesia

Bali Restaurant 2


Bali Restaurant

Do you know what's better than trying out the best dishes while enjoying the scenery and the tranquil vibes? Nothing. Come on down to CasCades Restaurant in Ubud for a fancy dining experience. The restaurant is famous for its contemporary-style pavilions and thatched ceilings that provide customers a lovely view of the valley and its wide variety of delights. You won't just satisfy your appetite here, but you will also feel truly relaxed.


  1. Vacation in Boracay


Boracay needs no further introduction but in case you haven't heard of it, let the white sand beaches, clear blue water, and majestic resorts speak for themselves. You can go island hopping on a gorgeous boat, go snorkelling, engage in water sports, or just swim and sunbathe in the Philippines' version of paradise. Visitors from all over the world have given this place a thumbs-up, don't be left out.


  1. Halong Bay Junk Boat Cruise

Halong Bay

Halong Bay 2

Board a traditional wooden junk boat and explore Vietnam's natural wonder known as Halong Bay. The boat itself will already make you feel like a rock star thanks to its quality rooms and facilities and accommodating staff. As you cruise through the pristine water, savour the view of the surreal limestone landscapes and the fresh breeze. You can also make a few stops for an opportunity to check out the caves and go swimming or canoeing.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Flight in Myanmar


A hot air balloon floats over the plains of Bagan, Burma. Sunrise.

Hot Air Ballon Myanmar 2

Stunning ancient temples and natural landscapes are what Myanmar can offer and did you know that you can see them all like a king or queen with no obstructions? All you have to do is book a hot air balloon flight. Nothing compares to witnessing the wonders of the country unfold from your private transport!


  1. Ride the Maharaja Express in India

Maharaja Express 2

Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express is not your ordinary train, it's one of the world's most luxurious! The train is also the best way to check out the treasures of India such as Ranthambore, World Heritage Fort, and the world-famous Taj Mahal. Dine or unwind on board this renowned mode of transportation and then, begin the exploration of the historical and natural gems.


There you have it, five of the fanciest getaways in Asia. Bring out your savings and start crossing off some items on your bucket list now.