Discover the secrets of the mangrove paddling a kayak

Do you love the ocean, wildlife and exploring nature? Then you are up for one of the best ways to experience a place only accessible to paddlers.

In this unique adventure you will be able to visit the amazing home of thousands of marine species. Despite what many people think, mangroves are more than muddy places filled with mosquitos and snakes. They are one of the most diverse and complex habitats that provide food, nesting and shelter to wildlife.

Kakaying through the mangrove can be like going on a treasure hunt. If you know where to look you will experience a place that bursts with life. Hiding in the twisted vines and branches you will find sea turtles feeding from mangrove roots, many species of colorful fish, crabs digging in the mud, and even baby sharks! If you stay quiet enough, you will hear the beautiful song of magpie birds and the incessant singing of kingfishers. Hidden on the tallest parts of the mangrove you will find exotic orchids and other colorful flowers.

You don’t have to be an experience kayaker to enjoy this adventure. The water is calm enough that you can relax and enjoy all these treasures as you paddle through this beautiful ecosystem.

To make the most out of your adventure wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid mosquito bites, apply a biodegradable sunscreen and don’t forget to bring your camera! You will cherish this experience forever.


Angelica Menchaca for BeMyGuest