Bizarre Food

One of the most fascinating ways to explore foreign cultures is through the food. Have you ever gotten sick and tired of trying the same kinds of food over and over? Are you aspiring for a change to try out something extraordinary? Which of these foods do you dare to try?

  1. Balut Egg

While eggs are a popular food all over the world, most people enjoy them in salads, as omelettes, on sandwiches — and unfertilized. This delicacy originated from the Philippines and can be found anywhere from night markets to high class restaurants. What’s inside? A developing duck embryo that’s boiled and eaten in its shell. Although it may seem gross and cruel to many but I think it’s the same as eating the Peking Duck because either way you’re still eating a duck. Just close your eyes and try it, it’ll not be so bad!



  1. Cobra’s Heart and Blood

Vampire wannabe’s listen up, chug down a still beating heart and blood in Vietnam. Watch a snake get drained of its blood for you (not that I enjoy the gruesome scene). However, the snake wont be killed in vain as you will be able to eat snake satay. Get your snake parts fresh in Vietnam today!

cobra heart

snake blood

  1. Baby Mice Wine

A famous health tonic in Korea and China, it is said to taste like raw gasoline (not that I've tasted gasoline before). Those of you who squirm and scream when you see mice and rats I don’t think you should try this because after drinking the tonic, technically you’re supposed to eat the mice… However it is believed to heal anything from asthma to live diseases.

mice wine



  1. Cazu Marzu

Calling all cheese enthusiasts, I've got a challenge for you! Head down to Italy to try the ever so famous Maggot Cheese. Why put maggots into a perfectly good cheese? It's because the maggots break down the cheese's fats producing a soft texture. As it is, people complain if there are insects in their soup/food but in this case its the maggots that give the cheese its greatness.

casu marzu




  1. Rocky Mountain Oysters

How does eating testicles sound to you? Crude right? Apparently its a delicacy in the US and Canada. The testicles are coated in flour, pepper and salt. It is then deep fried after being peeled.  Dip it into ketchup or cocktail sauce. Sounds to me like your normal chicken wings/drumlets from KFC.


rocky mountain oysters


6. Live baby octopus, Korea

While most people enjoy their seafood to be dead when they eat it, in Korea this is not always the case. Baby octopus, or sannakji, consists of octopus that is cut and seasoned with sesame oil while still alive, with the tentacles still squirming. Make sure to chew well, as this is also a dangerous dish with the hazard of tentacles suctioning to the inside of the mouth and throat. If you think this is strange, there are people who will actually eat the live octopus whole without it being cut up (nakji), which is even more dangerous with multiple deaths occurring each year from choking. So, why would anyone eat such a dish? Koreans believe eating live octopus brings them increased strength and stamina.



  1. Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia

While eating bugs has become somewhat commonplace — Big Butt Ants in Colombia, worm tacos in Mexico, coconut grubs in Ecuador — it is hard not to be shocked when you see locals eating fried tarantula in Cambodia. The arachnids are fried whole with legs, fangs and all, so when you take a bite you’re actually chomping down on a tarantula the size of a human palm. Those who enjoy the unusual dish say it tastes best pan-fried in oil and seasoned with salt and garlic with a crispy outside and tender inside. Warning: when you bite into the abdomen that brown goo that oozes out consists of organs, feces and sometimes eggs.


  1. Yak Penis

A fusion of beef and sea cucumber that’s how a Yak’s penis tastes like. The Yak's penis is rich in proteins, vitamins and phosphorous. It is believed to help males restore their sexual vigour.  If you want to try this unusual dish, I think its best that you forget the fact that you're actually eating an animal's penis...


9. Puffin Hearts

These cute little birds are actually hunted in Ireland. Their hearts are a delicacy, even the world's renowned Gordon Ramsey ate a freshly cut out heart of a puffin. Some may say its cruel but we’re doing the same to cows, chickens and ducks as well.

Puffin Breast Smoked

10 . Shirako, Japan


Most people probably don’t go out to dinner and hope that sperm is on the menu; however, if you’re traveling in Japan you will have the chance to sample this if you want to. The dish features the male genitalia, or sacks full of semen, of the fish, usually puffer fish, cod or anglerfish. As if that’s not enough to be squeamish, the meal is sometimes thick and creamy, other times runny and gooey.


So there you have it! 12 bizarre food from around the globe. Head down to these countries to get a taste of their out of this world’s delicacies.