Best surfing spots in Bali

During the 1930s, American surfer Bob Koke came to surf in Kuta Beach in Bali. But it was not until around 1960s and 1970s than surfing spots in Bali was discovered by travelling surfers. Suddenly, some were even filming movies on the shores and Indonesian coastline. Southeast Asia has the best warm weather that can provide satisfaction to any surfer's heart. So let's get our surf's up and head to the best surfing spots in Bali.

  1. Nusa Lembongan

This small island is located southeast of Bali and part of the three islands of Nusa Penida district. Do not belittle this island though, as you can see, with its cliff overlooking the break, this is the ultimate playground for all surfers out there.

      2. Padma

This is a beach break, which is a relief for surfers. No need to worry for those sharp corals. The waves are a bit higher than in Kuta Beach, which is perfect to get those point break types.

     3. Kuta Beach

This famous white sand beach has been part of the surfing history since the 1930s. It maybe those super-fast tubing waves for the pros or the crumbly ones for the beginners, but whatever waves may come, the surfers are out and ready to roll.

     4. Nusa Ceningan

This small island is also part of Nusa Penida in Bali which you can easily access by the suspension bridge or by boat. The deep water break and current is strong here, and this is because you're in between islands. So for all surfers out there, thread the water safely.

     5. Uluwatu Beach

This spot is for intermediate to expert surfers. The size of the swell can play from small to large ones and can provide a wide playground of reef breaks. Sometimes it can go up to 8-10ft mark.

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