A fashionista's guide to your favourite beach getaway

Close your eyes, when you hear the word "beach" what do you think of? Images of lush palm trees, clear blue water, stretches of white sandy beaches? Now think about what experiences you'd like to do; sun tanning in your brand new bikini, enjoying a sumptuous seafood dinner on the beach, or perhaps participate in thrilling water sport activities! We've chosen Bali - as our favourite beach destination and come up with a list of essential outfits, as well as our recommended activities and things to do! Look fabulous, be comfortable and enjoy great experiences!






The ideal and most practical package when in Bali! Water sports, a rejuvenating spa treatment and a romantic dinner.


Prepare for adrenaline pumping activities; jet skiing, para sailing and riding a banana boat. Inclusive of a glass bottom boat tour to Turtle Islands get close and personal with the colorful corals and fishes!


After a tiring day of water activities, indulge yourself in a 2 hour relaxing treatment including a foot bath, foot massage, body massage, body scrub, body and facial masks and moisturize with body lotion. Sip on a cup of ginger tea to cleanse your body and mind as you prepare for dinner.


Bring along a hungry stomach as you feast on fresh lobsters, fish, prawns, mussels and squid, accompanied by a table of other delicious local dishes.

For more thrilling activities to do, check out -  https://blog.bemyguest.com.sg/bali-beyond-mainstream/



When in Bali, a day or two at the beach is definitely a must! Bring your book or your favourite tunes, and simply relax and unwind in paradise. After your sun bathing session, perhaps you'll crave a jolly good time on a Jet Ski, banana boat or on a flying fish. So pack your day-bag accordingly, bring a change of clothes and don't forget the sunscreen!  Check out our recommended essentials:

- Bikini

- Sarong (you can also purchase one at the beach, they come in any colour you can think of and cutest patterns)

- Sandals/flip-flops

- Shades/Sunnies

- Beach bag

- Breezy top

- Board shorts


Perfect for all kinds of water sports and activities, from leisurely boat cruises to overcoming your fear of heights with para-sailing, this outfit will support you all the way,making you feel great and look swank!



A getaway to Bali is not a holiday without a splendid shopping session and some serious sightseeing. So let's hit the road for some retail therapy - in style of course! Whether you are paying a visit to the cheeky monkeys at the Monkey Forest in Ubud, browsing through the shops in Seminyak, attending a silver jewelry making workshop or a Balinese dance class, the key is to keep-it-comfy!

- Denim shorts (can never go wrong with it)

- Crop t-shirts

- Rompers

- Tank-tops

- Accessories (Sunnies)

- Sling bag/haversack

- Converse shoes/strappy sandals

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For those night owls and party lovers, you know you've gotta visit the clubs and bars to really enjoy your time in that country! Immerse yourselves in the loud head banging techno music, cool drinks and the company of your friends. Pack these in :

- Long flow-y dresses

- Floral skirts

- Jeans

- Button down blouses

- Sandals/wedge heels

- Plasters (in case you get blisters)

- Perfume

- Purse

- Accessories

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Splendid outfits for romantic events, why not entrance your boyfriend/husband's attention as they try to serenade you!



Don't forget to pack in your trusty camera(s) and snap at those wonderful memories you spend with your friends and family. These are just some ideas of what to wear, create your own unique style by mixing all kinds of clothes together. Cheers to an exhilarating holiday at beach-y destinations around the world!




Recommended Things To-Do