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Krabi, Thailand

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Krabi is accessible to local and foreign guests through the Krabi International Airport situated in the capital town of Krabi. The beautiful province of Krabi, with it’s beaches and many things to do, will never run out of reasons to lure travelers in. A well loved beach destination in Southern Thailand's Andaman Sea, Krabi is known for its coastal charms, stunning coral reefs, fascinating falls and caves, white sand beaches, and of course, it’s proximity to the magnificent Phi Phi Islands.

Beach it Up

At the top of the list of things to do, you will find the beach attractions of Krabi to be simply amazing. With soft sand between your toes, cool clear waters washing up against your legs and the sun on your back, you can be sure the sunny beaches of Krabi will rejuvenate you and deserve to be among the musts of things to do in Krabi. You can also visit the national park Nopparat Thara, where you can view numerous limestone islands during low tide. Top Krabi beaches to visit: Tham Phra Nang Beach and Railay Beach.

Phi Phi Islands

If you are heading to Krabi, then you must add Phi Phi Islands to your things to do. With beautiful beaches backed by luscious jungle and high cliffs, the islands seem to be out of some fantasy. Nature created a work of art in making the islands. We highly recommend taking a trip out of Krabi to the Phi Phi Islands.

Rock Climbing

Krabi is also considered as a world class rock climbing destination and caters to different rock climbers with its assortment of climbing challenges and extreme adventures. Rai Leh and Ton Sai are but a few of the many places that offer things to do for climbers of different levels.

Diving & Snorkelling

One of the top things to do in Krabi is diving. With beautiful coral attractions and clear waters fronting the beaches, Krabi will make any diver or snorkeller very happy. Specifically, heading to the Phi Phi Islands will ensure that you have a great time. With so many options for diving and snorkelling trips, you’re in for a great time.

Relaxing Packages

One of the most popular ways to experience Krabi is through simple packages which emphasise resort stays, relaxation and beaching. BeMyGuest has many packages that combine wonderful stays with an array of activities such as biking and snorkelling.

Visiting the Towns

Where else to start a long and rewarding tour of the island of Krabi than by exploring its capital town first. Challenge yourself and climb more than a thousand steps to get to one of the most famous temples in Southern Thailand, Tiger Temple, sitting atop the mountain. Once you are up there, readily claim your reward, a stunning view of the area and the azure sea. Wat Kaew is another temple in Krabi Town situated on Thanon Maharat which is worth checking out. If you are up for more adventure proceed to checkout Khao Kanab Nam, two joined cast rocks which are the symbol of Krabi.

Once you get tired of all the walking and climbing, go for a soothing yet surprisingly inexpensive massage at Dhara Massage and Spa, while those who prefer more sight seeing can always visit the Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi just across Wat Kaew.

Songthaew Rides

It is easy to traverse from one coast to the next through boats, but some locals will tell you that you have never really experienced Krabi if you have not given the local songthaews a try. These vehicles are mostly publicly operated and provide transport to most points of the island, including major attractions like Ban Huai To, Ao Nang, and Amphoe Lam Tham. These public songthaew have a terminal at the Vogue Department Store situated on Maha Rat Road.

Krabi Weather

Weather in Krabi is generally hot, although this tames downs between November and April (the same time travelers come in to this beach destination). The weather in Krabi for the months of June to November, on the other hand, is the time when lots of rainfall and the island gets a lot of moisture, a far departure from its usual dry weather.

48 Hours in Krabi

Posted on 21 July 2016

There’s something about being on a boat and zipping towards miles of sandy white beaches  that makes all your worries melt away in the sunshine. If the view isn’t reason enough to explore this province, the excellent snorkelling and diving to be found in this region should do the trick. Crystal clear water fringed by stately limestone cliffs, reefs teeming with marine life, rock-climbing escapades and more await you in Krabi.

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