Kuala Lumpur Wellness

Kuala Lumpur Wellness

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Although Malaysia is not as well known for spas and wellness treatments as neighbouring Thailand, it is starting to pay attention to this developing tourist field. In the past decade or so, many new spas have opened in Kuala Lumpur and other cities and resort areas. These provide extra choices to the spas that have traditionally been the preserve of five-star hotels.

The Ozmosis Health and Day Spa, Shu-Jin Therapy and even the Be Urban Wellness Health and Beauty Centre are among the mushrooming number of locations where visiting tourists can get a life enhancing wellness treatment. Be Urban is really a private members’ facility, but is more than happy to welcome guests to its elegant therapy suite. Skilled therapists administer spas, massages, facials and other treatments expertly. Yoga and meditation is also available.

At other day spas including the Ozmosis the treatment lists are seemingly endless. Guests can choose from back, body, foot, aromatic oil and reflexology massages. Facial and skin treatments leave the recipient looking years younger and add an extra depth of lustre to the skin. A session in a spa bath with cooling herbs leaves you feeling as light as air.

At the Impiana KLCC Hotel, the Swasana Spa is one of the top choices for wellness treatments. Masseurs and therapists take all the prime elements from Malay, Balinese and Thai techniques to deliver a heavenly wellness treatment. This applies right across the board to body treatments, all types of massage, facial scrubs and aromatherapy.

Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of yoga studios and people visiting can go to one to practise or to join a course. Instructors at the Mysore Room teach eight-limb Ashtanga, while the Aravind Studio focuses on balance, breathing and strength to produce an inner peace which wipes away inner turmoil and reduces stress levels.