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Starkly modern, yet remaining true to its roots, Japan is one of the richest Asian countries both economically and for the bewildering array of sights it presents to its lucky visitors. After changing course dramatically following WWII, Japan has gone from strength to strength and is as friendly as they come. Everything is done well here, from the upkeep of its brilliant attractions to safe transport and visitor welfare.

Geographically, Japan is Asia’s most diverse country and is outstandingly beautiful. Much of the island nation is blessed by mountain scenery, with quality snow in the wintertime leading to excellent skiing in Hokkaido, while contrasting tropical Okinawa in the south is blessed by beaches and great diving. The hiking in Japan is very rewarding and tours go from all main cities.

There is almost too much choice for sightseeing and activities in Japan, both in the glitzy cities and out in the lush countryside. There are famous landmarks like Mount Fuji and the Tokyo Tower, and to ancient shrines or cherry blossoms in culturally-rich Kyoto, along with a multitude of impressive zoos and aquariums.

Visitors could spend their time admiring and photographing traditional Japanese gardens; all shrines and temples have them. There are dozens of national parks, with those on Hokkaido offering volcanic scenery and numerous hot spring spas. Public bath houses in the towns can also offer therapeutic massage and the best spa resort hotels are typically well equipped with professional treatment rooms.

Guided tours are well established in this ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and on hand for just about any sight or activity. The combination of knowledgeable, English-speaking locals and the national trait of wanting to please typically leads to an unforgettable experience. Whether visitors head for the foothills of Fuji on a day tour or save time on a city hop-on, hop-off tour or visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, they will not be disappointed.

Japan appeals to families too, as it is very safe and transport is comfortable and efficient. There is a sizeable focus on families with a whole host of family-style sights and things to do for kids. All the main theme parks are here, such as Disneyland, while accommodation for families is easier to find than in most countries.

Shopping options rival any world city and entire districts of the larger cities are given over to shopping and entertainment, such as Shinjuku and Roppongi in Tokyo. The capital is one of the best places in the world for electronic gadgets, but also draws those in search of quirky fashions and traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

Shopping and dining in the bustling fish markets is a venture all visitors should strive to do at least once. The home of sushi takes eating to the extreme and has all options on the table, from cheap Asian food courts to fast food burger giants and Michelin star sashimi. Eating out is the national pastime and it is worth a visit just to indulge.

Things You Can Do During Sapporo Snow Festival

Posted on 22 July 2016

Your winter event bucketlist won't be complete if you haven't experience the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri yet. Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan is famous for skiing, beer and enormous ice sculptures. So for the adventure seekers and cultural lovers alike, here are things you can do during Sapporo Snow Festival.

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